Welcome to SmartphoneHistory.com - The History of the Windows powered Smartphones.

SmartphoneHistory.com is a project to list all of the Windows powered Smartphones that have been made. This includes the prototypes that unfortunately never made it to retail, but still have a place in the development and evolution of the Smartphone as we know it today.

Click on the device reference code name or the images below to learn more about the capabilities and a brief history of each phone. Please note that all HTC devices are shown below with their model reference name as HTC traditionally do not sell devices direct to the public, but are re-branded by companies like Orange, Qtek and i-mate to name a few.






HTC Canary




Red-E SC110

HTC Tanager

HTC Voyager

Motorola MPX200

SCH-i600 (SP-i600)

Mio 8380




HTC Typhoon

Motorola MPX220

Mio 8390

Mio 8870

Mio 8860

AnexTEK ST100

HTC Feeler

HTC Sonata

HTC Amadeus

Motorola MPX100

Voq Pro

HTC Vividia




HTC Hurricane

HTC Douton

HTC Faraday

HTC Hertz

HTC Tempo

Motorola i930/i920

RoverPC M1




Samsung i300

Samsung i300x

Motorola Q


Samsung i320

HTC Breeze (MTeoR)


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